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    Training courses for teacher

Options for information and training courses

The Universum® Bremen offers teachers different options for finding out about the wide range of courses available and for undertaking training on specific subjects.

Information programmes:

Teacher info events

Besides the teacher information events we schedule every term, teaching staff from schools can also agree an individual date for an info tour to the Universum® with us. We would be delighted to give you an introduction to our permanent exhibition areas of Technology, Humans and Nature as well as our current special exhibition. We also organise our Research and Technology Sessions, which provide visitors with a more detailed understanding of the exhibition areas on specific topics. There is of course sufficient opportunity to explore the Universum® on your own. Your visit will be rounded off by a joint discussion session.

Info visits to your school

If desired, we would be pleased to come to your school and give you an idea of our activities as a place of extracurricular learning. Take the opportunity of directly obtaining information and exchanging views with us, for example in the framework of a teacher symposium or generalised conference. Exciting little experiments designed to lighten the atmosphere are included here.

For further information, appointments and reservations: Bernd Becker, Tel. +49 (0)421-3346-251, email: b.becker@universum-bremen.de

All offers are free of charge!

Discovery excursion to the Universum®

As a teacher you can find out about the exhibition areas and offers available for schoolchildren ahead of a class outing by arranging an individual visit with us. You are also welcome to bring along a companion of your choice!

Please complete this voucher for an individual visit and present it with a certificate of employment from your school at our ticket desk. You will then be given entrance tickets. These tickets are not transferable!

Training courses

We organise training courses for teachers dealing with the topics of our permanent exhibition and special exhibitions, both at regular intervals and on request. We currently offer the following training courses based on the programmes for our Technology Sessions:

  • Cardboard. Machines. Construction!
  • fischertechnik® Robotics
  • Power over machines – Programmable logic control (PLC)

These courses last between 2.5 and 3 hours and cost €25 per teacher. The exhibition areas can be visited either before or after the event. Groups should consist of at least 10 and no more than 20 participants. All attendees will receive a certificate of participation at the end of the course.

For further information, appointments and reservations: Dr. Christine Schorr, Tel. +49 (0)421-3346-252, email: c.schorr@universum-bremen.de

Cardboard. Machines. Construction

So simple and yet so tricky! In an age where assembly instructions are always enclosed, children and adolescents – and even adults (!) – hardly ever put anything together themselves. The cardboard machine construction workshop offers something for everyone, whatever their level. Simple consumable materials are used to design and construct a straightforward mechanism – or even a more challenging one. Hands-on activity will not just familiarise participants with different drive mechanisms. Here they are also confronted with the design challenges of their own machine.
The result at the end of the workshop is machines that are as colourful and diverse as the ideas of their designers. The different exhibition areas can be explored at the end of the course.

fischertechnik® Robotics

fischertechnik® Robotics for beginners! Following a very brief introduction, extremely simple problems allow participants to acquaint themselves with linking logic modules. They will try out different sensors and actuators in this workshop. The programme has been developed so that both beginners and advanced learners will achieve good results. Prior knowledge of programming is not necessary. Depending on the number of participants, they will work either in pairs or on their own.

Power over machines – Programmable logic control (PLC)

Who or rather what “tells” machines what they are supposed to do? Many devices are managed by programmable logic controllers (PLC), e.g. garage doors, the ball track at the Universum® or machines on production lines.

On this course we will get a gadget with electronic control capability up and running by programming it. The aim here is to teach participants the first steps for programming a programmable logic control system. No prior knowledge is required here. Depending on the number of participants, they will work either in pairs or on their own.

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