• Kinderbereich Milchstraße im Universum Bremen

Children’s area “Milchstraße”

Our children’s area ”Milchstraße” is temporarily closed for security reasons.

In our children’s area children aged from 3 to 8 years can discover the world in their own manner at about 20 fascinating exhibits. Here you can build as much as you like: bridges, towers, houses and lots more!

Small researchers sort stones, shells and buttons to their heart’s desire. In the curious spiralled slide peas get separated from beans. A magical dream path invites you on an imaginary journey through hideouts and caves. In the television box you can slip into the role of a scientist on volcanoes or a weather expert. Who has not wanted to try that?

The children’s area “Milchstraße” can be booked for groups from Monday to Friday at 9 a.m. or 11 a.m. Please book well in advance under 0421-3346-333 or vertrieb@universum-bremen.de.

The children’s area is open for families daily from 1 p.m. onwards.

Our science shows

cannot take place at the moment due to COVID-19.

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