• Pädagogisches Konzept im Universum Bremen

    Educational principles

Educational principles

“What I hear, I forget; what I see, I remember; what I do, I understand.” Confucius

Pique curiosity, incite amazement, rouse enthusiasm and provoke questions – that’s our educational concept at the Universum®. What would our world look like without electricity? How do our senses work? What do fireflies and the Northern Lights have in common? The Universum® offers personalised and diverse means of exploring scientific and technical phenomena.

As an accredited place of extracurricular learning, the Universum® is a centre for research and discovery learning. Children and pupils approach science from a playful angle.

Our education team works across all subjects, age groups and facilities. We already boast numerous cooperations, including with the Senator for Children and Education, the Evangelical Church of Bremen, the University of Bremen as well as individual authorities and institutions from Bremen, Lower Saxony and Hamburg.

At the Universum®, children and youngsters can:

  • discover and observe natural phenomena.
  • try out experiments and constructions.
  • invent and change experiments.
  • develop, propose and test assumptions.
  • document, evaluate and present results.
  • carry out research.
  • work as a team.
  • gain a comprehensive insight into the work of a scientist.

Our goal is:

  • to create a connection between theoretical education, schooling and nursery practice as well as a place of learning which promotes active learning.
  • to support networking of nurseries, schools, universities and companies in the region.
  • to represent a communication and cooperation centre for nursery workers and teachers, parents and all other parties involved and interested in education.
  • to serve as a creative development laboratory and place for pilot projects and model schemes.
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