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Talks at the Universum®

Exciting talks about things really worth knowing are a regular occurrence at the Universum®! The contents revolve around the topics of our permanent and our various special exhibitions. The topics dealt with cover both scientific and pop culture aspects. The wide range of talks are anything but tedious and are aimed at interested beginners and experts alike. There is something there for everyone: families, young adults, academics and OAPs.

Past guests include (selection):

  • Prof. Dr. Dr. Gerhard Roth: “Freier Wille – Wie frei können wir eigentlich entscheiden?” (Free will – How freely are we actually able to decide for ourselves?).
  • Interactive talk and group tour on the OAP afternoon at the “Teilchenzoo” (Particle Zoo) special exhibition.
  • Prof. Dr. Harald Lesch: “Physik für Philosophen – Wir irren uns empor” (Physics for philosophers – Lofty mistakes).
  • Svantje Guinebert: “Philosophieren mit Kindern und Eltern” (Philosophising with children and parents).
  • Prof. Dr. Metin Tolan: “Star Trek – Auf der Suche nach den anderen” (Star Trek – On the hunt for the others).
  • Science Slammer Michael Büker: “Higgs – gesucht, gefunden, gewürdigt” (Higgs – hunted, found, prized).
  • Holger Dambeck: “Sehen Sie’s doch mal falsch positiv! Wie uns die Mathe-Intuition in die Irre führt” (Look on the false positive side for once! How mathematical intuition drives us crazy).
  • Prof. Dr. Götz Pfander and Prof. Dr. Isabel Wünsche: “Ist Schönheit messbar? – Proportionen in Mathematik und Kunst” (Can beauty be measured? – Proportions in mathematics and art).
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