In the subject area Technology you will find out astonishing things about technical objects of everyday life and their way of functioning. They accompany you every day: toaster, electric toothbrush, mobile phone. But what actually makes them work? Find out about gearing mechanisms, electric motors and the effect of signal transmission. Which kind of technical innovation has the future got in store for us? Be curious!

Do you still own a walkman, write letters or look on a map to find your way? The digital world has changed enormously in the past years and has changed our life decisively. However, even simple long-known machines such as the pulley made everyday life easier for us. The subject area Technology also sheds light on other interesting questions: what would our world look like without electricity? How does artificial intelligence replace human behaviour and thinking? Make flashes of lightning, construct electric circuits, test sensors, conduct light!

Giant ball run

A colossal kinetic machine made of steel can be found in Technology. The...

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Lightning machine

Observe lightning in detail! High tension discharges in a spectacular manner here. Wandering...

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Manual generator

Generate energy! How much effort is necessary to produce enough electricity for a...

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Composing table

Impressive! You can create digital music with analog objects that you can arrange...

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