• Treppeninsel im Universum Bremen


Our concept

The foundations for the Universum® were laid in 1996 by passionate professors from the University of Bremen with the aim of establishing a science centre with a pronounced focus on hands-on experience in the Hanseatic City of Bremen. It was a complete success!

The project development for the ambitious large-scale project was performed by the Universum® GmbH trust in close cooperation with the University of Bremen, Petri & Tiemann GmbH and Zechbau.

Thanks to the excellent collaboration between academia and business, it was possible to complete and open the Universum® Bremen on 9 September 2000 after a comparatively short construction period of just a year and a half.

The Universum® expanded in 2007! The Silver Whale was complemented with an additional building for temporary exhibitions and an outdoor area. As such, the Universum® now offers countless possibilities and perspectives: visitors can investigate scientific and technical phenomena spanning the topic areas of Technology, Mankind and Nature, explore exciting special exhibitions or discover further exhibits outdoors in the fresh air.