Jugend forscht at the Universum®!

Sponsor companies and competition director

The Bremen-Mitte regional competition was set up in 2009 and has been held at the Universum® since that date. It is backed by the following sponsors: Die Unternehmensverbände im Lande Bremen e.V., Flowserve Gestra AG, the Universum® Bremen as well as its patron Siemens AG. Dr. Stephan Leupold was appointed the new competition director in 2016.

Bremen-Mitte 2016 regional competition

Curiosity fosters innovation! This was the motto for the “Jugend forscht” (Youth Researches) competition held at the Universum® on 15.02. and 16.02.2016. A total of 243 schoolchildren competed before the judging panel, submitting exciting projects from technology, physics, mathematics/IT, biology, chemistry, geo- and space science and the world of work. This year RW Bremen-Mitte came in third at national level!

The award ceremony was held on 17.02.2016 in the large auditorium of the University of Bremen and was enthusiastically attended by numerous guests. The successful winners of first prize then went forward to the competition organised by the Federal State of Bremen, which took place in the Musical Theater Bremen from 03.-04.03.2016.

Five of the six projects from the State of Bremen which were then entered in the national competition came from RW Bremen-Mitte.

Bremen-Mitte 2017 regional competition

The motto chosen for the competition being held in 2017 is “I’m shaping the future!”, and the relevant dates for this year have already been decided: The dates for the competition at the Universum® are 28.02.2017 and 01.03.2017. The award ceremony will once again be held in the large auditorium of the University of Bremen on 02.03.2017.

Award of “Jugend forscht” schools prizes in Bremen

The “Jugend forscht 2016” schools prizes donated by the firm CTS Gruppen- und Studienreisen GmbH were awarded in Bremen on 18 and 19 June 2016. This year the winning school in RW Bremen-Mitte was the Alte Gymnasium. On this occasion representatives from the schools involved were also offered the opportunity to look round the Universum® with its exhibition areas and to learn about the accompanying educational offers available for schools.

For further information on “Jugend forscht” please see www.jufo-bremen.de and www.jugend-forscht.de.

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