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‘Falling down, blowing up, glowing bright – the exciting world of energy’

What would the world be without energy? In our new science show, you can learn where different kinds of energy are to be found, what renewable energy is and how you can generate it yourself. Power up different types of light using a crank generator and see how much brighter an LED glows than an ordinary lightbulb when you turn the crank equally hard. How well do you reckon a pickled cucumber will compare as a light source?

You can also volunteer for a spectacular test of courage: do you have the guts to stand motionless while a bowling ball suspended on a rope swings towards your face? And is it possible to set soap bubbles on fire and hold them in your bare hand? Hands-on experiments are way more fun than just reading stuff in books!

The science show takes place daily at 12 noon and 3 p.m. Admission is included in your Universum® ticket. Places are limited and unfortunately cannot be reserved. All our events and activities are subject to last-minute changes. Please note that the show is only offered in German. Thank you for your understanding!

You can book exclusive science shows just for you and your group by calling +49 (0)421 33460.

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