Special exhibition

AI, what's up? The hands-on exhibition about artificial intelligence. Until April 22, 2025.

From 28 June, you can look forward to our new special exhibition “AI, what’s up?”

Would you like to be friends with an AI?
Would you board a self-flying aeroplane?
Do you trust the diagnosis of an AI?

AI affects us all. It shapes our lives and our future – but which future do you want? Get active and form your own opinion on the topic of artificial intelligence at Universum® Bremen! On over 500 square metres of exhibition space, you will discover the incredible possibilities, but also the potential dangers of AI. Let’s go! Over 30 hands-on stations are waiting for you!

Test the possibilities of this new technology on the “test field”. Create photorealistic images with an AI or play “Four wins” against it. What is it like to communicate with an AI system? Can AI interpret your feelings correctly?

Get to know the technical background of artificial intelligence in the “black box”. What is a neural network? How can an AI system be trained? And because AI is a very powerful technology, you can take a closer look at the potentials and risks in the “think tank” and weigh them up for yourself. Record your ideas and wishes on a “punch card” and find out what other guests have decided at the end of the exhibition!

The special exhibition is suitable for children aged 10 and over and is perfect for an excursion with the class.