Cloud Cuckoo Land

Build your world as you like it! The new special exhibition in Universum® Bremen. Until September 3, 2023.

Cloud Cuckoo Land – Build your world as you like it!

‘Above the clouds, freedom must be limitless.’

Imagine there was a place where dreams come true. A Cloud Cuckoo Land where you can let your imagination run wild and build, stack, draw, fold and design to your heart’s content. Our special exhibition ‘Cloud Cuckoo Land – Build your world as you like it!’ allows you to have these unique experiences. From 1st July, 2022 to 7th April 2024.

On 500 square meters of exhibition space there are numerous workshops, corners and niches for the realization of your ideas. Alone, in pairs or in a team, you can create your own cities out of the wall, get balls rolling on critically sloping floors, convert discarded bottles, bags and lids into unique works of art – and much more!

On a central marketplace you can exchange your thoughts, share knowledge and celebrate successes with others. The new exhibition also offers you the opportunity to playfully train valuable skills of the 21st century such as communication, cooperation, creativity and critical thinking. There are no limits for your creativity.