In the area Humans you can learn a lot about yourself and discover new sides of you! All your senses are needed. More than 7 billion people live on our planet. Although we are very different from each other, we also have lots in common. Test your communicative abilities, test your perception and find out whether you are a team player.

Learn new things about yourself and your body and find out more about your thoughts and actions. What did you always want to know about yourself? Observe your body from a new perspective and check your cognitive abilities. How do your senses work and how can they be cheated? Many fascinating insights are waiting for you in the topic Humans!


Carry out an interesting study at this exhibit! What does your silhouette look...

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Recognizing Mimics

How are you feeling today? Happy, sad, angry or surprised? An ingenious software...

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Are you a team player? Pac-Man is by far one of the oldest...

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Lie detector

Have you ever wet yourself because you laughed so hard? Have you ever...

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Human Assemblage

How far away are we from an “artificial“ human? A large variety of...

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