• Außenbereich des Universum Bremen

Outdoor area

In our outdoor area there are many exciting things to discover! Here, everything revolves around wind and water. A total of 5,000 m² are waiting to be explored. Enough space to really romp around and experiment under the open sky. The climbing wall, the crawling tunnel and many other exhibits demand agility and coordination.


Our landmark in the outdoor area is without any doubt the 27 metres high “Turm der Lüfte”. From its top you have nice view over Bremen and there is a lot to learn. There is something to discover on every platform: you can make balls fly, measures the strength of the wind and listen to the sounds in the resonance tubes.


Arriving at the top, look through the sky window! Watch the clouds, admire the blue sky and feel the force of the wind!

But there is even more to try out: build your own river course, climb through the narrow gorge, step into the water dome without getting wet, transport water with the giant ladle or play your own melody on the earth xylophone. Which song can you think of?

Our “Forum” looks like an arena of ancient times and with space for about 80 people it presents you with a great opportunity to watch our exciting science shows in the summer. An opportunity too good to miss!

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