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    Training courses for nurseries

Options for information & training courses

The Universum® Bremen offers educators from Bremen’s childcare facilities different options for finding out about the courses dealing with nursery-age children and for undertaking training on specific subjects.

Info events

Nurseries in Bremen are invited to agree an individual date for a free info event at the Universum® with us. We offer an introduction to the “Milky Way” children’s area, featuring the tour programmes “Water” and “Mechanics”, as well as training options in elementary science and technology.

Further information and appointments: Anna Mildner, Tel. +49 (0)421-3346-255, email: a.mildner@universum-bremen.de

Training courses

Understanding elementary science and technology – accompanying research and discovery learning.
What options do daycare workers have to familiarise children with science and technology? What experiments or projects are suitable here? How do I help children to discover their world?

The Universum® is working in cooperation with the Senator for Children and Education to offer training courses to nursery workers in Bremen. On completion participants are awarded a certificate of attendance. For facilities which are a member of the “little researchers’ house”, attendance of this course allows them to retain this status.

Have we sparked your interest? Please send applications to the Senator for Children and Education. See here for the complete course and excursion programme.

All training courses are free of charge.

If you would like to know the topics to be covered in this course, please contact Dr. Christine Schorr, Tel. +49 (0)421-3346-252.

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