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    Partner school programme

Partner school programme

Researching and discovering together: our partner school programme

Become an ambassador for your school and register your institution as a partner school of the Universum® Bremen! There are plenty of benefits for you: as a partner school, you receive a bonus payment of 1 € per pupil for every school trip to the Universum®. The payment is wired to the school’s bank account by 31 January of the following year. The school membership card also gives you the possibility as a teacher at a partner school of visiting the Universum® free of charge any time you please.

In addition, you receive a regular newsletter informing you of upcoming events. For example, this could be an exhibition opening, a talk by a specialist or an exclusive event. Become a part of a regional network offering a platform for exchange with other colleagues.

A partnership not only allows you to refine the scientific profile of your school, but also to benefit from the practical experiences that the Universum® Bremen has gathered in the course of 15 years of educational work.

As an accredited place of extracurricular learning, the Universum® offers the ideal conditions for research and discovery learning.
Learning is an individual process which takes place at its own rate. This is a fact which applies to children and youth in particular. Finding your own tempo, getting your hands dirty – that’s what the Universum® is all about!
We are looking for schools for our partner school programme ERFORSCH MAL WAS! (DO YOUR RESEARCH!), which are interested in a close cooperation with the Universum® Bremen.

If you too would like to become a partner school, we will be happy to send you the membership forms.

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact our education team by telephone on +49 (0)421 3346-113 or via e-mail at partnerschulen@universum-bremen.de.

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