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Special exhibition “Up to Space”

Up to Space!
Can you imagine travelling to space? What is everyday life like on the International Space Station ISS? And what skills must future astronauts have? The special exhibition “Up to Space” at Universum® Bremen is all about space travel today and in the future

Come and enjoy a fascinating space adventure! Surrounded by real moondust and virtual lunar landscapes, numerous interactive stations will entice you to try everything out for yourself. Using a virtual background, space fans big and small can “beam up” to the ISS and take a selfie of their experience. A tube with flashing lights simulates weightlessness. Or how about a virtual reality tour of the moon?

In addition to interactive stations, you can also discover original objects – including a Captain Future t-shirt that astronaut Alexander Gerst took with him to the ISS. If you really want to take off, download the augmented reality app App2Space (Android or Apple) to broaden your horizons!

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