• Sonderausstellung Der mobile Mensch

Special exhibition “On the Move”

Special exhibition at Universum® Bremen highlights mobility trends and social changes in urban spaces

Take the e-scooter to work, the train to the university, and the car to the supermarket: how do we travel today and how will we travel in the future? What do we wish for when it comes to our own mobility and how will individual mobility decisions influence the quality of life in our towns? From 20 June 2019 to 26 August 2020, visitors to the new interactive exhibition “On the Move – Your ways. Your decisions. Your future.” at Universum® Bremen can playfully learn about their very own personal mobility needs, discover what means of transport best suits them, and the innovative ideas that are currently being developed.

Interactive stations with digital games and sound showers

When you are on the move, you have certain demands – both conscious and unconscious – for your mobility. These needs, which include safety or the accessibility of means of transport and their sustainable use, are demonstrated to visitors at eight interactive stations. Guests thus receive inspiration for their personal mobility choices and discover possible means of transport for the future. During their discovery tour, guests can immerse themselves in sound showers: sounds of typing, conversation, or bird song show examples for how people can spend their time during a laid-back trip. Visitors can also bring a virtual landscape into bloom by pedalling a bike or jump after the flashing transport symbols to the next station. A series of digital games allow visitors to take on the role of mobility manager for the fictional city Brematopia and help residents find the right means of transport nearby. Guests receive an overview of their game scores at the end of their visit. At idea tables, they will learn interesting facts about best-practice examples and new developments and innovations from around the world.

From City Jumper to Green Groover – a question of personality

After guests have become aware of their mobility needs, they decide at the end of the exhibition which mobility personality they wish to be in the future. City Jumpers, for example, highly value independency and spontaneity and want to be well informed about the means of transport available in their area. Green Groovers do not want travel to be at the cost of the environment and Relaxed Drivers live according to the motto: the journey is the reward. Guests thus become an active part of the exhibition and their choice of mobility personality influences the cityscape of Brematopia.

Programme of events at Universum® Bremen and the entire city

Parallel to the exhibition, activities and events will be taking place all over the city during the entire 14 months of the exhibition. These events will provide in-depth information and invite guests to participate: try being a tram driver and steer a tram on the BSAG property, be an exclusive tester for various mobility services, or learn first-hand about current developments from various fields of mobility. The extensive programme of events and this wealth of information can be accessed at dermobilemensch.de.

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