Amazing science shows

When you hear bangs, sizzling and cracking, it’s time to clear the stage for our spectacular science shows! Experience live and in person why science is such fun! Let yourself be amazed and fall under the spell of our amazing experiments. Our members of staff demonstrate wondrous phenomena, explaining them with wit and charm, in a daily 30-minute show. Junior and senior researchers, experts and beginners: everyone is invited to watch, ponder and even join in – surprises included! Be inquisitive and follow up your quest with a visit to our Science Center or the outdoor area.

The science shows are hosted every day at 12 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Exclusive science shows just for you and your group can be booked by telephone on +49 (0)421 3346 333.

In our current science show, our quizmaster poses interesting questions about various aspects of science. Whether it’s a question of technology, everyday matters, the animal world or sport: tricky questions from a range of fields are selected at random with a hefty spin of the wheel of fortune. That’s what makes the quiz like no other!

You can guess on your own or in a team, test out your ideas and discover the correct answer with amazing experiments. If you want to win, make sure the quizmaster doesn’t feed you any red herrings!
What helps tired baby dolphins keep up when they’re swimming with the pod? What trick lets you get a sewing thread bobbin back out from under the cabinet? And how can you make an umbrella out of a pair of nylon stockings?

Of course, we not only provide the correct answers, but also demonstrate them in experiments. For example, we demonstrate how an eddy current brake works or what’s behind the torque of inertia. Now you definitely don’t want to miss that!

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