New special exhibition

Come and experience our colourful society and the theme of inclusion up close!

At Universum®, discover the diversity of our society with all your senses and enter spaces of an inclusive world!
There are still barriers to overcome, in public places as well as in the mind.

The “Favourite spaces – as diverse as we are” interactive exhibition was developed by Universum® Bremen in cooperation with Martinsclub Bremen e. V. and around 50 volunteers – both with and without disabilities.

Embark on an emotional tour through eight “favourite spaces”! These spaces are symbolic of eight areas of life and are also the favourite spaces of the featured people. Find out how a Syrian refugee found a new home in a shared flat in Bremen. Live the experience of a deaf blogger as she communicates on the Internet with up to 35,000 people. Get to know a wheelchair user who pursues his dream job as a guitar maker.

Interesting audio stations, astonishing statistics and many interactive stations also form part of the exhibition, which covers issues such as sexuality & relationships, school, mobility, beauty & body culture.


Come and explore!


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