17 Nov 2011

EntdeckerPark in the open air

The place where visitors can jump in the air like a yoyo or climb on the stone hill

In the past, visitors to the Science Center unfortunately had to be satisfied with indoor attractions. Now however, following the inauguration of the EntdeckerPark (Discoverer Park) in July 2007, Universum® Bremen combines both indoor and outdoor attractions. Covering an area of 5,000 m2, the park incorporates a scientific adventure landscape with many interactive attractions and landscape elements and its core theme being movement.

Movement is life!

Just as children learn how to run and swim, adults too need to move their bodies. At work, for sports and in other areas of life, fitness is a fundamental requirement. At the EntdeckerPark, visitors can test their own coordination skills either individually or with the whole family, by climbing a steep face or crossing a narrow gorge on the stone hill. In addition, the hill includes several different rock types for visitors to examine. Which stone do you think gets hottest in the sun?

Jump like a yoyo in the air

Another highlight is the Mondspringer (Moon Jumper) attraction: Holding on to a bar, visitors jump up and down in the air like a yoyo, reaching a height of up to four metres. Is this what is feels like for astronauts on the moon? Other visitors can watch these giant leaps in the camera obscura, which is housed in a steel box. But why is the image upside down? The EntdeckerPark tackles a large number of exciting questions, with the answers given in the form of short, informative texts.

Water changes the world

In nature, movement is also the driving force for innovation and change, with wind and water shaping the appearance of our planet. In the EntdeckerPark, visitors can experience at first hand on a smaller scale the forces of nature. For example, rivers on the stone hill show how sand and stones are carried away by water, and how river deltas and ravines are created. Behind the stone hill a number of water-drawing exhibits show clever ways in which water can be transported upwards. In the case of the water screw, for example, visitors can force water upwards by turning a steel spiral, thereby illustrating an old irrigation principle. And what does the huge see-saw-like spoon do? Visitors will find out a great deal about water, its properties and its physical strength.

The sound of the earth

The earth xylophone is also a great deal of fun, especially when played by several people at the same time. Sitting on the edge of a large hole in the ground, visitors can dangle their legs and strike various large resonance woods. Will their joint efforts and skill be enough to create a beautiful melody?

Showtime in the Forum

When the weather is good, plays are staged and experiments conducted in the stone-seated Forum amphitheatre. Lucky visitors are sometimes even invited to be part of the performance themselves.

There’s something in the wind at the Tower of Skies

In the 27-metre-high Turm der Lüfte, visitors can carry out wind-related experiments and at the same time enjoy a great view of the city.

Bilder Downloads
  • Tiefe und volle Töne erzeugt das Erdxylofon. Dieses von afrikanischen Großxylofonen inspirierte Instrument ermöglicht es den Besuchern, in der Gruppe ihr gemeinsames Rhythmusgefühl zu testen.