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Universum® Bremen turns science into an adventure!

From 03.11.2014 - 06.03.2015 our permanent exhibition is under reconstruction! During this period you can only visit our special exhibition DECIDE and the EntdeckerPark.
Please note that the special exhibition is only in German and not in English!

Experience a tornado up close, jump over your own shadow, feel sound vibrate through a massive gong: at Universum® Bremen you can touch, try out and experiment at around 300 interactive exhibits. 

Universum® Bremen consists of three different components:

In the Science Center visitors explore the realms of mankind, the earth and the cosmos. The EntdeckerPark features 25 stations on the theme of movement, as well as the 27-metre high Turm der Lüfte with experiments on wind and weather. In the SchauBox annual temporary exhibitions are held. In addition you can experience thrilling science shows, exciting lectures and science theatre.